Monday, March 15, 2010

A bit of the past...

I started this blog so that I can have a place to dump all the lovely pictures I take of the things I bake. I like to think of myself of a wannabe food photographer, and that leaves me with lots and lots of food pictures. Pictures I am not quite sure my facebook friends are interested in seeing. So to start with, here are some old pictures of my creations. The plan is to post all future yummy pics over here, instead of facebook, and free up my facebook friends to view much more important things, such as the status of their Farm, or their miles that they ran this morning at the gym. I am waaay to lazy to post all the recipes for these pictures, but if something catches your eye, feel free to email me, and I can send you the recipe.


  1. Ha ha. I am so flattered by the honorable mention! And the pictures of course are gorgeous but why did you think we didn't want to see them on fb? I'm happy another website to follow when the boredom strikes at work.

  2. Nechama, your website is amazing. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. What a portfolio you have. Keep them coming. Any good pesach recipes? How would you know?

  3. Super cool! I am thinking this was where it all started...picturing you down the line as some famous chef/baker. I hope to see more and more of your creations on here very soon. Raizel

  4. The pictures are magnificent. But coming from s/o that is lucky enough to taste the works of art, e/o should know that the taste is as good as the looks. Thank you for all your support in my baking projects. Leah

  5. ...and to think it all started in...
    they're FANTASTIC!!!

  6. Awesome!! (except now I'm hungry!! LOL)

    I can't figure out how to email you, but could you PLEASE send me the recipe for the black & white cookies? Those were my absolute favorite as a kid (I grew up in Upstate NY), but noone seems to know what the heck I'm talking about (live in TX now). I've been dying to have one of those for YEARS.


    stephanie_martinez @


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