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 I love to bake. Period. I love to combine a bunch of ingredients and produce a delicious, gorgeous product. I love the reaction I get when I give out my confections. I absolutely hate cleaning up the mess. And never fails, after each huge bakeathon, my husband looks at me with this look that says "Why?Why do you do this to yourself?" as we survey the damage around us. And then together we roll up our sleeves and put things right again. And that's why I so aptly named this blog "Cant.Stop.Baking" Because even if I wanted to....
I just can't stop baking!

I would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them! Or you can email me at cantstopbaking [at] gmail [dot]com.

I tend to get carried away with nicknames on Cant.Stop.Baking, so I thought it would be helpful to include a Cast of Characters:

Big D.: My husband, also known as My Knight in Shining Armor. But only when he does the dishes.

Z-Monkey. :  My eldest, most thoughtful, inquisitive, sensitive and adorable nine year old son.

Little D.: My six year old monkey who coincidentally is trapped in a little boy's body.

S-Monkey: A four year old who can't decide if he is a puppy or a monkey. 
But we love him either way.

Z-Monkey, Little D. and S-Monkey are also collectively known as "The Three Little Monkeys."


There is a new little monkey!
He started off as Grumpy Bundle of Joy but he's not grumpy anymore- he's delicious! I think for now he'll be called Monkey Baby, but that may change

My Super Awesome Sister-In-Law: I have lots and lots of sister-in-laws. And they are all  pretty cool. But only one of them is Super Awesome. So her role in my life is pretty self-explanatory. She's super. She's awesome. And she's my sister-in-law.

HyperD.: My good friend who sometimes makes her way into my posts to spice things up a bit. 

S-Dude: The guy who stole Hyper D's heart. And married her as well. *Awwww*

Now go read some recipes and have some fun!


  1. YUM!!! Your keeping us hungry! When is the next package coming???
    j.k.!!! Thanks a million, they were delicious!
    all your fans across the ocean!

  2. Stumbled across your blog through someone elses. Looooooove your template. It tells me a lot about what sort of a person you are. Spirited and fun loving. Now heading over your recipe index to get to know why you cant stop baking

  3. Devorah K almost S!December 7, 2011 at 11:22 AM


  4. you have a donut recipe HOW MANY EGGS

  5. It is listed in the donut recipe-2 eggs.

  6. Its dangerous to look at this during work when there are no mixers or baking ingredients on hand...

  7. when did u present that aderes hatorah cake?!! it is unbelievable i cannot believe i missed it

  8. Anon- I guess you have to go work in my husbands office- thats where everything gets sent!

    Elka- last year...too bad :( It was humongous :)

  9. Where can I find ou or chof K certified cake fondant?

    1. The only one that I know of is Wilton. If anyone has heard of any others, I'd love to hear!

    2. SatinIce has an OK I believe . . .

    3. SatinIce has an OK I believe . . .


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