Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If at first you dont succeed....

Ummm yeah. So these are for real. It happens to me too....disasters.  Cookiesandcups makes the most adorable treats ever, and I have had lots of success with her creations. So when I saw these  ice cream cone cupcakes, I was just waiting for the right opportunity to come up to make them. When I was invited to a girls sleepover camp to give a baking class, I had the perfect opportunity to show off. Ok, so that should have been the first indicator that everything is not going to go smoothly-showing off never leads to anything good :) Moving along, I decided to be a smart alec and not use the chocolate cake recipe provided, and to use my no fail, perfect chocolate cake recipe. ( it is perfect, really!) Well, you can see what happened to that idea above....24 ice cream cones, and an oven filled with smokey chocolate batter, I was about ready to give up and just admit that I can't make everything. But I have this really cool thing in my house this summer- my two little sisters are staying by me....and little sis's always believe in their big sis's. So my little sister (yep, the chocolate bear claw culprit) turned to me and said " you cant just give up!" How are you supposed to argue with that? So I went to sleep. Morning came and with brand new resolve and energy, we got everything going.  24 overflowing cones, 2 frosting recipes and one smashed ice cream cone later, I hereby present to you: 

 See- I wasn't kidding...

  • Use the recipe that Martha gave for the cake- trust me!And don't fill the cones more than half way. Seriously.
  • For the cream, I used this recipe, and was very happy with the flavor. I did substitute the butter with margarine and it came out fine. The Liebers vanilla sugar gives it a terrific vanilla flavor.
  • The cherry is a cherry sour candy. 
  • Refrigerate the swirled ice cream cones for 2 hours before dipping
  • One more very important thing- these babies are TOP HEAVY. If you put one down, and breathe next to it, it will fall. Don't believe me? Reference above picture. Since Cookiesandcups so kindly warned me, I cut a square of cardboard the exact same size of the box they were going in, and then cut twelve circles in the middle of the cardboard- exactly the same circumference of the bottom of the cones so they can slide in and hold them in place. As an extra security I wrapped the bottom of the cones with foil so they wouldn't wiggle, and they survived a 3 hour car ride with 3 adults and 3 monkeys in perfect condition. Not a sprinkle moved out of place.

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  1. Soooo cute!! Knowing the people behind this, REALLY made me enjoy the story ;) Hope you guys are having fun together!! Chani


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