Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

Once upon a time, there was a couple who we shall call " The Cutest Couple In The World." The Cutest couple in the world loved to eat out. Their favorite restaurant was called "That Chinese Restaurant In The Mall." And everytime TCCITW would go to TCRITM, Mr. Husband would order wonton soup and beef and broccoli. Mrs. Wife didn't like to be boring, so every time she would try something new. One time it was sweet and sour chicken (because how can sweet and sour chicken be bad?!) and another it would be cashew chicken. Most times Mrs. Wife enjoyed her lovely dish, while Mr. Husband smugly ate up all his beef and broccoli (for he knew that this was a delicious and reliable dish.) And every time. TCCITW would happily lick their ice cream off their plate (from their very yummy fried ice cream balls) and say, "Wow, that was amazing." Well one day, the moons were not aligned correctly, and Mr. Husband decided to veer from his normal science of ordering. Instead of ordering the usual wonton soup with beef and broccoli, he decided to tear a page out of Mrs. Wife's book, and order something new. Hot and sour soup. Oh dear. Although the name sounds like Hot and Sour Soup would be something delicious, it is in fact, a bowl of hot ketchup, thinned out with water.* Poor Mr. Husband. Oh how Mr. Husband despises anything with ketchup in it. Mrs. Wife, being the sweetheart that she is, valiantly switched her bowl of steaming, delicious won ton soup, and bravely ate the hot and sour soup, bite after ketchupy bite. And they all lived happily ever after.**
*Literary license may have been used.
** And Mr. Husband remembered that there was a very good reason why you should always order the same exact thing every time you order out- it will never disappoint
This leads us to the fact that every year (well the past two years) Big D requests a strawberry shortcake for his birthday, no more, no less. 

Happy Birthday Big D! You know you are awesome!

Judy's Strawberry Shortcake

Recipe has been removed by author. For more information on this cake please see ordering information here


  1. auntie Judy,
    Here's your moment of fame!!!
    Man, has your recipe gotten around!!


  2. Yup this is delicious!! We can vouch for this one, it is light and moist and perfecto! And big D may be awesome,but don't forget that he sure has an awesome wife!! Who happens to be the greatest sister around:)

  3. I love strawberry shortcake. I bet this recipe would work for Pesach with potato starch instead of flour.

    BTW, totally off topic, do you use Wilton food colors? I noticed that the hashgacha has switched from the ov to a hashgacha I don't know anything about. Do you know anything about this?

  4. Yep to both- my mother makes this all the time for Pesach :) Also, about Wilton food coloring, I checked into the US-K which is the new hechsher, and I was told by the star-k that all the colors are fine except for light pink, since it contains Carmine. Have you done research on food colorings and luster dust? I wish I could find kosher silver/gold luster dust, but I have yet to find it.....

  5. This cake is getting on my to make for Pesach list! Strawberries are coming in season them, so it is perfect.

    Thanks so much for that info!! I was worried what I would do because Wilton stuff is the easiest for me to get.

    As for luster dust, I know that Kerekes in Brooklyn and The Peppermill in Brooklyn sell kosher luster dust. Once, a long time ago, I was able to get a tiny vial of some gold powder from the Peppermill, and I have been hoarding it.
    Kerekes sells online and ships, you could call and ask.

    If you are able to get, please post! I am making a cake with fondant and was reduced to melting down Wilton gold and silver sprinkles to get a little sparkle, but it is not the same.

  6. I see that the Peppermill and Kerekes both carry gold and also silver spray which is under the us-k. Don't know if that is okay or if that meets your needs. Do you use the Chefmaster gold or silver spray?

  7. I have looked into the US-K and I was told that its only good on certain foods, and on Wilton food coloring its fine. It may be good on the spray too, I just don't know. Do you know what hechsher is on the chefmaster?

  8. The chefmaster spray hechsher is the us-k.
    If you haven't ever been to Kerekes in Brooklyn, I think you would love it. Below is the link to the product on the Kerekes website.

    BTW, I see that some websites sell a line of luster dust made by Crystal Colors LLC, and claim it is kosher, but I just cannot find any mention of the hechsher. The line includes gold and silver. Kerekes does not seem to carry it.

  9. Does the cake need to be refrigerated if I use Richs whip?

    Thanks! LOVE your cakes!

  10. I would imagine it does, but I never tried leaving it out...If you don't have room in your fridge you can freeze it, and defrost it on the counter for a few hours before serving.


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