Monday, March 7, 2011

What I've Been Busy with....

I'm happy to say that the past few weeks I've been really busy with some fun cake orders. Here's a slice of my life from the past few weeks:

I can never say no to an Upsherin cake- it was lots of fun to make!

...a birthday cake that my friend ordered for her husband who is Land's End' #1 customer, and is on an eternal search for the perfect boot:

...some cake truffles....

and finally a rose cake for a baby girl...

Thanks for looking. And as always, thanks for all of your support.
 (I was talking to you Big D. 
Yes You.)


  1. To quote some teenagers...OH...EM...GEE!!! Those cakes are more creative, beautiful and fun than the next!! You are one super talented individual!!!!!!

  2. The rose cake is absolutely beautiful!

  3. man alive !!!
    These are gorgeous!!
    I couldn't even imagine what a boot cake would look like. Yes, it does look like a boot.
    Big D, I want to thank you for more than just support.


  4. So beautiful and so much fun. My hubby just looked over at my computer screen and is now in awe of the Book cake.

  5. The rose caked LOOKED stunning in real life too! so did the truffles!


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