Friday, November 25, 2011

A Happy Story

Do you remember my awesome friend- Hyper D.? Well, see, there is a reason why she is so hyper. And I will tell you why. Once upon a time, Hyper D. was just plain ole' D. Super awesome, but not too hyper. Well, maybe a little hyper, but not enough to warrant a title. Then one day, Hyper D. met a dashing young knight named S-Dude.           S-Dude was so nice and sweet that D. said, "I want to marry him!!!" And S-Dude said, "I want to marry you too!!!" And ta-da, just like that, they got engaged! And Hyper D. has never been the same since...bouncing off the walls, that girl is. I had to peel her off the ceiling just last week, I tell ya. Anyways, so I told Hyper D., when she was just about half-way Hyper: "Listen girl, my superpowers tell me that you will be getting engaged soon, and I have a fancy pants cake I would like to make for your engagement party, so please please please, you have to tell me at least three days before so I have time to make this crazy cake for ya." And can you guess what happened? 
S-Dude, being his awesomely cool self, decided to surprise Hyper D. and proposed
 when she least expected it. 

Guys. They'll just ruin everything.

So, I got this call last Sunday from Hyper D. saying "I'm ENGAAAAAAAGED!!!!"
And we did a little dance around the room.
Seriously, Z-Monkey and Little D. are still dancing. 
(They have to practice for her wedding.)
Anyways, so after Hyper D. caught her breath, she said, "Ohmigoshguesswhatourengagementpartywillbetomorrownight!!!YAAAAY!!

Say what, now?

This was at 6 PM on a Sunday night.
As I was wiping down the last counter from a long day of recipe testing for the JoyofKosher
But, since I love Hyper D., and I express my love through cake, here's what I threw together:
8PM-3AM, my friends. From preheating the oven to washing the floor.

Now, any of you who have been following my blog long enough know that I am 16% cool, 11% awesome and 73% crazy, right? So at 3AM, my brain went like this:

Wow, 24 hours to make an engagement party. Hmmm, how will they get enough food together? Maybe they need more cake. Yeah, for sure they need more cake! Hyper D. needs to have an amazing engagement party. With lots of cake. So I have to make more cake. make more cake.make more cake.make more cake...zzzzzzzz.

Umm, yeah, so that's what happened:
Mocha Caramel Crunch.
I want one just for myself.
Ironically, this one was about 2 hours from beginning to end. 

In other news, it's my Super Cool Boss's Son-In-Law's birthday! You know what that means, right? Its cake time! 
(Click on image to enlarge)
He's in school for a PHD in psychology, hence the couch.

Now how many times did I write the words "Awesome", "Cool" and "Super'' in this post?
Me thinks its time for a thesaurus. Or a vacation.  Or both. Take your pick.
Or maybe everyone in my life is Super Awesomely Cool. there's something to ponder on.


  1. the couch is adorable but i love that little rug lol! and of course ur other cakes are gorgeous! hashem should continue to give you strength for your craziness which i translate into creativity...u got talent girl!

  2. I'm gettin maaarried....with lots of caaaake...picture me dancing around your kitchen right now! AAAHHHHHH nechama i love u!! Awesomest friend EVER!!

  3. So impressed with that engagement cake. I can't believe you put it together so fast!

  4. I agree with both comments. I actually have tears in my eyes.
    I love you tooooooo!!
    And I know you've got talent!!! and the biggest heart a person can have!!!

  5. Thanks everyone :) such sweet comments today <3

  6. The couch (and rug!!) are amazing, but so is the fact that you made TWO incredible cakes for her vort! Mazal tov!

  7. It's all true "except for the 73% crazy" part :)

    Big D

  8. oh my goodness......I should've called you last night (or visited). I was up from 2am-4am, unable to sleep and sooooo boooored!!! Now I know where to go for a midnight snack :)

  9. would you share the recipe for mocha caramel crunch? it looks amazing!

  10. Thanks- it is amazing! Actually, the crunch recipe is going to be published in the Purim issue for Joy of Kosher, so watch out for it then :)

  11. cakes are beautiful. could we get a recipe and instructions for the mocha caramel crunch cake. it looks absolutely delicious

  12. Anon-thank you! I actually don't post recipes on cakes that I sell. Sorry!


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