Monday, April 23, 2012

Brownie Showdown

One of the best parts of writing for your own blog is that you  get to take self proclaimed vacations whenever the wind blows the right way. Kind of like the past month. And that's all I'll say about my mysterious disappearance.....
But I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkk.

And I come bearing brownies! 

A few weeks ago, the CSB household had a sort of brownie showdown. It was a mess. Chocolate everywhere. Kidding, kidding. As I've mentioned before, I have some sort of ADHD when it comes to recipes. I can be perfectly happy, baking my favorite brownies day in and day out, when along comes a new recipe. And it becomes like a niggling worm in my brain whispering "Try me...I might be better than your tried and true favorite recipe." So I listened to that niggling worm. Which if I even paid attention to the results of past niggling worms, I would have remembered that its never a good idea to listen to niggling worms. Never. But I did, ok? So here's what we had:

King Arthur Brownies
Sweetheart of Pinterest, hogging everyone's brownie boards=Niggling worm planted in my brain. Best Brownies: 
My tried and true favorite recipe. And yep, still my favorite recipe.

So the results: Although I have seen the King Arthur brownies all over the food blogging world, Best Brownies won hands down. Here's my take on each recipe:

King Arthur Brownies: While they had a great flavor, the texture was not what I would want in a perfect, everyday brownie. I think they would be perfect for the bottom of some sort of brownie bar, with a peanut butter or caramel filling, but stand alone they were just too dry and crumbly. Best Brownies: I know everyone has different expectations when it comes to perfect brownies, but these were, and still are, perfect for `moi. They have the perfect density- fudgey, but still dense. You can slice them, but not dry. And you whip them up in one bowl in about 42 seconds.

Sorry King Arthur! Better luck next time!!

If you don't believe me, or you are just the type of person who has to test things out for yourself, you can find the recipes here:


  1. yep ! If it aint broke don't patchka :)

  2. Yum! I have a weakness for brownies :)

    I don't often bake milchigs though. Have you tried this with margarine instead of butter?

  3. Anon- I'm sorry! I always swap butter for margarine-and it always comes out fine. Not just in this recipe, but basically in all recipes! I am sure butter would be 10X better, but got to work with what we got :)

  4. I love my King Arthur cookbook, but I could tell from the photos that the AllRecipes brownie was the better brownie. Man, I want a big glass of milk just looking at it!! :)

  5. Could be this one was a coincidence- I'd love to know which recipes you like!

  6. Just thought I'd remind you of this (happened to come across it in my late-night browsing):

  7. did you try using oil instead of the marg/butter?

  8. Laya-true true :)
    Anon-I haven't-not sure if you can swap here or not. Might not be as "sturdy" when you cut it. If you do try it, let me know! I'd be curious how it comes out.

  9. FYI there are a couple of versions of the King Arthur Flour Brownie, so it could be you used a different version than I did. (They have a cakey version and a fudgey version.)

    When I make them, my KAF brownies look like the picture of the Allrecipes brownies. That being said, perhaps I should test yours out. :)

  10. Overtime-thats interesting, I didn't realize there are 2 recipes for KAF. I'd love to see it if you can send me the link.

  11. Think it would be ok to melt the marg in a disposable pan in the oven instead?

  12. I would imagine...I usually melt the margarine in a small metal bowl, and then add the rest of the ingredients. Don't see how that would be different.

  13. What brand of cocoa did you use when you lived in e'y? :)

    And did you bake them only as long as the recipe said? I seem to have to bake them much longer or they come out as batter, and only the edge pieces can actually be cut and handled...

    1. It's funny- I cant remember which cocoa I used to use!! I cant even remember what the packet looked like!I do remember those teeny packs of powder sugar though- a rather funny joke when you compare them to the Costco size bags I go through about once a month :) Anyways, are you doubling the recipe to a 9x13? If you do then they do need to bake for longer, but when I bake them in an 8'' square, 25 minutes is really enough. Maybe your oven temp is off a bit but if they are raw definitely let them bake for 5 minutes extra or longer if needed.


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