Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Biggest Little Monkey!

So today is my adorable oldest monkey's birthday. He is six years old, and sooo proud! A few years ago I started a tradition of sorts that the kids can pick any themed birthday cake they want. So naturally what would any five year old boy pick out? A LEGO cake! My favorite cake decorating website is CakeCentral so we checked out all the LEGO cakes they had to offer, and here's what we decided on.
How cute are those little lego hands?
      No, that is not paint, its cake batter! This is what happens when a six year old makes the decisions...
 This cake took about 6+ hours to make and those LEGO men were exhausting, but if you would have seen the smile on his face when he went to sleep tonight, you would understand why it was worth every teeny tiny lego bump. In his own words " Mommy, this was the best birthday ever!!"

Recipe Notes:
The cake is the same recipe as the bundt cake, with the cooking time reduced, and no streusel filling.
Frosting Recipe
Fondant Recipe


  1. you're definitely, unbelievably, certifiably CRAZY!!!!!
    The detail on this cake is unbelievable.
    by far the best yet!!!

  2. UNREAL!!!!
    You are the best Mommy!!
    Happy Birthday Zevi!! We love you and miss u so much! Can't believe your 6!! so big b"h!!!!
    Love The sterns from Eretz Yisrael!

  3. Can you make something with a Ford Fusion! Amazing!

    Just sign me,


  4. omg ~ this cake is sooooo great! I made lego cupcakes a while back and they were a lot of work, so I know what you mean!
    Very nice :)

  5. You have 1 Heck of a gift , Congrads, U must have quite a few cakes under your belt , i am a beginner, but want ot get that good , you can see myne http://bowdens-world.blogspot.com/
    thank you for sharing your Great Looking cakes My lord

  6. Very clever cake design. I love it!

  7. That is TOO cute! You did an excellent job!

  8. I just saw this now. Where was I? OMG amazing!

  9. Obviously, you weren't living here yet or you would have gotten a piece! Oh well, S-Monkey's birthday is in March- you'll have to wait till then...

  10. This is hands down, the BEST Lego cake I have ever seen!! I love it!

  11. Oh my goodness . . . this is what my little monkey wants for his 6th b-day. I have to bookmark this!


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