Thursday, June 24, 2010

So it doesn't look like the picture....still tastes amazing!

I have a long list in my brain of  "to-try recipes." Of course it would make a lot of sense to actually write down this "list" or at least save them in my favorites, but nope, my life generally doesn't make sense, and who's checking anyways, right? Anyways, the things on my "list" usually get made when I look at the picture, start drooling and my brain starts thinking...."you know, its my neighbor's cousins birthday... I probably should make these cupcakes." Ok maybe not that drastic, but something along those lines. This post from BrownEyedBaker went up a few weeks ago, and I am pretty sure that everyone agrees that they look delicious, so I decided I simply must make them. I followed the recipe exactly- except I substituted Rich's Whip for the heavy cream, and here are the results.

Look the same? Not at all!I think the Rich's Whip was the culprit for "ruining" the frosting. I say this in quotes, since the frosting was delicious. Not light and fluffy like the picture, but it tasted literally like Reese's Pieces. Seriously. And for a Cholov Yisroel convert, this is a huge deal.  Once I saw the frosting was so thick, and adding milk wasn't helping, I realized I had to come up with a Plan B. Her recipe does not call for filling the cupcakes, but since my frosting came out so thick, I figured it would make a good filling - sort of like a Reeses.

Once they were filled, naturally chocolate on top follows, and the peanut butter flower was just for kicks.Result: Delicious. I still wonder what her frosting would have tasted time I will try with authentic heavy cream to see if that was the problem. If you do decide to make these, I want to point out that I was not at all happy with her chocolate cupcake recipe. I love my chocolate cake recipe, and I use it for everything. I found that this recipe just didn't measure up. If I would make these again, I would use my own chocolate cake recipe, and look for a different peanut butter frosting recipe that doesn't call for heavy cream. End of the day, these were delicious, and I was happy that I did not waste a day in the kitchen!

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