Thursday, January 20, 2011


There's a rumbling in New York and New Jersey, and no, its not a snow storm. (Although now that I mention it, there is a snow storm in the weather forecast.) There's a certain team, which shall remain unnamed (due to The Cover Jinx) which up until a few weeks ago was relatively unheard of in the ears of the uneducated sports fans, such as yours truly. But I did mention there was a rumbling, so whats going on? The question is, does said team belong to New York or New Jersey?
 Ah, the age old philosophical question. 
Luckily, we have three reputable authorities to help us out in our quest for the truth:

New Jersey: Governor Chris Christie has a message for Jets fans.  
They're New Jersey's team. 
"Today when they're practicing, where are they practicing? New Jersey. And when they play their home games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey," 

Well said Gove'na

New York: Next up we have Senator Charles Schumer. 
"It's the New York Jets and that's how the Jets want it. That's how the country wants it and New York is New York. Sorry Jersey,"

Wow, that was deep. Let me take a moment to let that sink in.

New York: And now we have our green-blooded Jets representative who lives in New Jersey, Big D from Prime Source NY: "The Empire State Building glows green and white in honor of the New York Jets, so I would say its pretty obvious who the Jets belong to." for thought.

 Well, no matter if you are from New York,New Jersey, or Wyoming and you couldn't care less about the Jets, let alone football, here's some cupcakes for you. And let me tell you, they taste good no matter who the Jets belong to. 

Actual conversation overheard between Z-Monkey and Little D:

Little D (pointing to picture above): "Whats that?"
Z-Monkey: "Oh, thats called a pom-pom."
Little D: "What do you do with it?"
Z-Monkey (in his big brother knowledgeable voice): "Well the Jets wear it on their heads so they don't get hurt when they play football."
Little D (pondering this): "Oooooh."

I think these guys need to have a little chat with their father. 


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