Monday, January 10, 2011

The Week That Didn't Stop Baking...Part One

I tend to express my love through baking. I think it runs in the family. So when  my sister-in-law celebrated her son's Bar Mitzvah last week, guess what I was busy doing? As soon as I finished one cake, I thought of another cake that I absolutely must make. This sister-in-law is really special to me, so I really wanted to make her extra special cakes. I think my goal was accomplished. The cakes were a huge hit! This Chocolate Chip Cookie Torte was created by my mother ( Thanks Ma!), that was inspired by a cake made by Quality Kosher Catering. The concept of 6 giant chocolate chip cookies stacked, held together by a rich chocolate cream may seem daunting, if not exceptionally rich, but trust me- it really works. The result is a fudgy layer torte, that is eyecatching, and delicious. Anyone want to venture to try it? Its really much easier than it looks!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Torte
Recipe has been removed by author. For more information on this cake please see ordering information here

And the inside....
Moral of the story...when you bring a cake to a party, make sure to bring a proper knife to cut it- it was really pretty when it was cut properly... 

Stay tuned for part two....coming next week...


  1. Moral of the story is that you know your cakes are always eaten til the last drop... even if it means a few messy pieces.
    This cake was YUMMMMMMM!

  2. It looks scrumptuous!! do you think i should email this blog to Paul???
    I'm so proud of the mesorah!!
    Love ya,

  3. The moral of my story is "You come late (after the party)" you get the crumbs.

    Big D.

  4. Diane- thanks!
    MW- Proud to pass it on!
    Big D- I will always share my last piece of cake with you, and you can quote me on that!

  5. That looks incredibly rich! Thanks for sharing these yummy pics!

  6. OMGEEE! This is fantastic! I cookie layer cake?! Where has this been all my life :))))

  7. Cookies and cups- this takes chocolate chip cookies to a whole new level! You have to try it, you'll never look back :)

  8. Can we have the Recipe!
    We want to make it for my dad's birthday!

    1. Hi Rochel- you can find the recipe here:


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