Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Day on the Town

Since we are of the Chanukah celebrating sort, today we had our day wide open for a nice family outing. We are constantly on the lookout for nice things to do with the kids, and this worked out so well, I thought I'd share it with y'all. 
I come from the far flung shores of Michigan, so anytime we go to "The City" my eyes go all googley eyed, and my feet start doing a little dance. Big D. on the other hand grew up on the Big Bad Streets of Brooklyn, so to him, going to the City is phfffghhht. Just like that. To him, its just one big traffic jam.
How sad.
So it was thuper duper exciting when by some stroke of a miracle I convinced Big D. that we would take the kids on the subway to the City, and then head over to Roosevelt Island on a cable car, check out Lighthouse Park and head back home again. 
Thank goodness my kids have my Michiganian blood coursing through their little veins, because they had the jiggles all the way to 42nd Street. We all held tight to our buddies, while walking like completely dorky tourists, staring up at the huge skyscrapers. 
Except for Big D. of course. He was pretending he didn't know us.
I must tell you, when we go on a family trip, I have to walk a very fine line. See, I like to view the outing through the lens of a digital camera. It's just in my blood. One snap too many though,and whoops-I've lost my husband.  Anyhow, here's what I was able to snap while he wasn't paying attention:
I definitely want to come back here one day with Big D.
 I just didn't want to scar my kids for life as of today.
I thought these guys were brilliant little monsters. Dress up like Elmo so that your kid begs you to take a picture with him, then ask for a tip. How can you refuse?
Some of New York's Finest helping us out when we got off at waaaay the wrong subway stop. People were really friendly today!
I went a little crazy taking Skyline silhouette pictures- they are totally addicting...until you look at your pictures later on that night and realize that you have 26 of the exact same picture. 
View from the cable car to Roosevelt Island.
Today was the perfect day to go to- it was totally empty!
And on our way home...
Love, love, love Manhattan at night.
We'll be long as Big D. doesn't have  say in the matter.


  1. gorgeous pics!!

  2. Getting back at me because of my Israel post? I'm all homesick now. Great pics!


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