Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Announcement...Whooo!

Remember singing that in day camp
"An announcement, whoo! An announcement, whoo!"  
No? I guess it was just me then....
Guys, I have to share something with you.
And NO, its not cookies!
I'm over-baked
Stick a toothpick in me and call me done
Who would have thunk it would happen to me. I thought I was heatproof. 
But I am burnt out
Can we please get some more baking cliche's in here? Its so much fun!
The egg shell that broke the camels back.
Anywaaaays....I am going to be going on a Bakation.
 Came up with that term myself, I did. You have to pay me a quarter to use it. But I guess there is no one else in this world who would actually take a bakation, so you're probably safe. You can keep your quarters.
Back to the matter at hand, in a perfect world, I would actually stop baking during my bakation. But I'm not sure if that is actually physically possible. So let's pretend I am taking a break from baking, and meanwhile, I'll post some super easy recipes for the general public.
Why do I get the feeling I just heard a collective sigh of relief?
Yes, you, Big D. I heard you all the way over here. 
Oh, and by the way, there may or may not be pictures accompanying the recipes. 
Just sayin.
So that's the plan of action, er-inaction, for the next few weeks.
And now, for your viewing pleasure....

Moving along with Hyper D's wedding preps, her bridal shower was today.
I've been wanting to do a bridal silhouette cake for ages, so when I saw the shower invitation, it was like a little birdie tapped me on my shoulder and told me to make a silhouette cake.
And my interpretation in cake:

See that cool cupcake tower? More on that in a few weeks...

Stay cool guys! Have an amazing week!

If you are new around here, and you haven't voted yet for the most amazing and awesome kosher blog (You know it!) then make sure to head over here to vote.

And if you are scratching your head saying, 
"Helloo, doesn't this lady realize its Chanuka in like two days.  Where are your Chanuka recipes??"
 Yes, I do in fact know this. So check out this recipe and this recipe, and voila: Chanuka  food!

Now, you can go have an amazing week :)


  1. I'm going to have to send you a quarter. I'm currently on a bakation as well. GREAT WORD. The only desserts going on in my house at present are chocolate bark and chocolate dipped pretzels. The only cooking they require is melting of chocolate.

  2. You go girl! Even bakaholics can get burnt out :)

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the most insane but wonderful friend that i have...S-Monkey. Just kiddin. Nechama, thank u so much for all the beautiful cakes and cookies and cupcakes etc!! S-Dude says thanks for the cookies :)

  4. oh and big d, stop being such a girl :P

  5. Cantstopbaking,

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell how much we all enjoy your blog. As a recipient of your delicious cakes and pastries, I for one certainly will miss your weekly posts. Your talented creations along with your pictures and style of writing enabled all of our weeks to start off on the right foot.

    Thanks and once u will certainly be missed.

    Big D

  6. Aww thanks guys! I'm not disappearing, don't worry. Just toning things down a bit...


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