Monday, June 18, 2012

Passing down the torch...

Ok, so I am going to totally waltz right in here and pretend I haven't disappeared for the past month. Yep, 'cuz I can do things like that. Anyways...

For my long time followers, you might remember that we just passed a pretty important date in the CantStopBaking household....bum bu du dum.....

Z-Monkey's Birthday!!

This year we tried something a little different, which (thank goodness!) worked out amazing. Dontcha just love when the kids like to do things that actually make things EASIER for their tired old parents. A rarity indeed, but nice nonetheless.
Sweetapolita, who incidentally is an amazingly talented blogger, and seems to be a super cool Mom, recently posted this adorable method of having kids paint on cake. I mentioned it to Z-Monkey, and he was really excited to give it a try! So here it is:

I think it's pretty adorable! He picked out all the colors, and took the whole process very seriously. Little Monkeys were banished from the room, and he really created a beautiful cake. I was so proud! The most awesome part: Little D is begging to do this for his birthday now too. And I was already researching shark cakes....bummer.


  1. awesome!! do you have a kosher recipe for fondant that doesnt have that fondant taste?

  2. Of course! I never buy fondant- too many people scared me off! I use this recipe, just using kosher marshmallows ( with Kojel, I would NOT use kosher for Pesach marshmallows)

  3. So glad you're back!

  4. Btw, what happened to your recipe index? :(

    1. Seems to be working to me? You mean because its not updated?


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