Monday, July 18, 2011

Cupcakes and a solemn story

Hey guys. Sorry if I'm not my usual chipper self today. I had an incident today which involved the front of my car kissing the back of another car.Which happened to occur on the most traveled upon highway on July 17th in the entire state of New York.  Which happened to involve a brand spankin' new beautiful Nissan Altima. Which happened to belong to a retired cop. Who happens to be with the DA. Who happened to be a Yankee fan. (He had a NY Yankees tat on his bulging bicep, that's how I know.) Who my son thought would haul me away to jail. Which thank goodness he did not do. 
Anyways, that's why I am not so chipper. 
So very solemnly I share with you a picture:

Just some cupcakes I made a few weeks ago. 
Anyhow, I thought it would be therapeutic to turn this hugely embarrassing story for me into a good laugh for you.
Hope you guys have a better day today than I did yesterday! Which actually wouldn't be saying much. Well, I guess what I am trying to say is:
Have a nice day!


  1. hey soul sistah, we love u anyways...even though apparently you're a terrible driver! Just kiddin. Were these the Israel ppl's cupcakes?

  2. OMG!!! I was worried about you traveling alone... What did Big D say?

  3. DK: Yes, those are the ones!
    DB: Happy to make you a celebrity :)
    Diane: Big D, ever the gentleman, was very understanding.
    Fiddy: Cat got your tongue?

  4. That is quite a story. I hope you're recovering. The cupcakes should help.

  5. I'm sorry . . .
    I'm glad you are ok, and hope you are having an easy fast . . .

  6. Oh, and here is some good news: The Peppermill just brought in some kosher gold lust dust. They actually have the Wilton, which has a Connecticut hecksher, and some lust dust imported from England with a more Chasidishe hecksher.

  7. Thanks Laura and Rivki- we are all fine- it was really just a scuff on the guys bumper, but he made a huge deal about it. Thanks for the luster dust- I'll check it out!


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