Monday, July 4, 2011


Not sure if you guys realized by now, but I do not have any girls. No little daughters to dress up in pink and purple with bows, headbands and pigtails. No little girls to paint their toenails, and let them parade around with my old purses and heels. Thats why I have such a fun time making girls cakes. And I always look forward to making my friend's daughters cake- Daniella's. She is such a girly girl, its so much fun going through cakes for her to pick out. This year, my instructions were flowers and rainbows. And here it is:

The batter always cracks me up:
And the the real rainbow:

Happy July 4th Everyone!


  1. This is the girliest prettiest cake ever. And it looks like SUCH fun to make. Bookmarking this for my girly girls (who are almost 12 years old and much better at cake decorating than I am!) to look at.

  2. Love love loveeeeeeee....especially as a mother of all boys myself I feel ya girl :)

  3. it's gorgeous!!!
    I'm glad she took pics of the cake for you, it just change you know.

  4. I think this is my favorite of all your cakes! Amazing job!

  5. I love your cake. I don't get to make many girly cakes either. My boys would have a fit if I made them a cake like that, but it's very tempting.


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