Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stuffed Cookies and More!

Looks good? I think so!  And that's why you should make sure you are at your local Ami Magazine dealer bright and early tomorrow morning! Recently I have begun to work with Whisk from the Ami Magazine in putting together some yummily awesome recipes, and these are the first! So spread the word and grab a copy (well, please pay for it first!) and enjoy. More to come soon!

And if you're are still hungry......now in the Joy of Kosher
Caramel Peach Pie Ala Mode Bites....with a crunch.

Man, was this good ever. Humble much? Apparently not But it was definitely a danger to have in the fridge-wicked good.



  1. OMG can't believe i didnt get to taste the caramel peach pie bites!! UHH!! and i thought i was your soul sistah. i'm devastated.

  2. WOW that is cool! congrats

  3. no fair! that is such a tease. I can't get the Ami where I am... Can you post the recipe? Please? or can you email me??? proudtante at gmail dot com


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