Monday, July 11, 2011

PW's Cinnamon Buns

Any self-respecting Cinnamon Bun Expert will tell you that the whole reason why Cinnamon Buns exist is for the little twirl in the middle. All the cinnamony, gooey, doughiness all twirled up smack in the middle
Everything else is just a means to an end. The rest of the cinnamon bun is there just to hold up that little twirl, keeping it safe, just for you!
Ok fine, if you like the outside of the bun, I won't tell anyone. Because it does taste pretty good too.
But you know what the really best part of the Cinnamon Bun is? 
The true sign of a successful Cinnamon Bun....a sticky bottom. 
And lets leave it at that.

Ok, so you want to make some Cinnamon Buns? The Pioneer Woman is the absolute queen of Cinnamon Buns. I am not going to type out the whole recipe,since you can go ahead and click this link, and get the full scoop there. Have fun!
By the way, her recipe makes tons and tons of cinnamon buns. If you are planning on eating these all by yourself, and don't want to have to eat through seven pans of cinnamon buns, this recipe is very similar, just as good (and 134,647 people also think its good!) and makes half the amount. I use the filling recipe from the Allrecipes recipe in the Pioneer Woman's dough recipe instead of hers. 
Also, if you are tragically not a cinnamon lover, then these work great with chocolate too! Just mix 1 cup brown sugar, with 2 tablespoons cocoa, and you got yourself some delicious chocolate buns. 


  1. I am in complete agreement with you. The center of the cinnamon bun is just like the heart of the artichoke. Its reason for being!

  2. I've made the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon buns before - so incredibly yummy. Now that you mention it, if it wasn't 2 am I'd start baking them now.

  3. Lovely! thanks for the recipe! Gotta bookmark it in my blog!


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